„Caro Jost is a tracker and a tracer. Her working method is investigative: inquiring and revealing, but not in a voyeuristic manner. With sensitivity, she links historical and very personal aspects together. By carefully interweaving the threads of her own story and her own perspective with elements of the bygone past, she creates a level of self-reflection, in which she not only finds herself, but also allows the observer to do the same. Streetprints are the basic for all her works. Installations and projects are based upon this concept as well.”

Anna Wondrak, 2013 || Curator Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt

Panama Paperworks
Notel by Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, 2016
Installation, wallpaper made of original law gazettes
500 drawings on law gazettes

With the friendly support of Verlag C.H. Beck

Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, 2014
Tape, chain ring, chain, padlock, steel ladder on wheels, used fire alarm boxes. The visit to the scene of the crime as a methapher of leaving traces, rise and fall, cause identification and searching marks.

Two workplaces, one artist. Caro Jost established a connection between her studio at Heßstrasse and an inner courtyard at Türkenstrasse, Munich.
A side-specific installation with the support of hw.design ART PROJECT, 2013.
Red Dot Award

Museum of the City of Munich
Permanent wall installation reffering to the former location of the Schumann´s Bar, Maximilianstrassse 36, Munich (1982 – 2003)

DOCUMENTA (13) is everywhere
New York City, November 2010
Cardboard campaign

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