SOLID FICTION, David Birks, Tim Freiwald, Caro Jost, Imi Knoebel, Marton Nemes, Anselm Reyle, Cordy Ryman, Karin Sander-Kunstverein Emsdetten, 2020

TEMPO? Reflexionen über Geschwindigkeiten*, Neue Galerie Museum Dachau
9/11 und die Kugel Koenig*, KOENIG MUSEUM, Landshut
MISA #3*, Messe in St. Agnes, Johann König Galerie, Berlin
COMPRESSED TIME*, Maxime Ballesteros, Martin Boyce, Paul Hutchinson, Caro Jost, Wilhelm Klotzek, Caroline Kryzecki, Alicja Kwade, Bernhard Martin, Olaf Metzel, Gerold Miller, Anselm Reyle, curated by Dr. Friederike Nymphius, Berlin, FS.Art, Berlin
NEW LUXE*, Jonathan Paul, Caro Jost, et al., Gallery Bluerider Art, Shanghai
WE MELT BEFORE IT FORMS*, curated by Joseph Constable, Associate Curator Serpentine Galleries, London, Rettberg Galerie, Munich
MADE IN GERMANY*, Caro Jost, Tim Freiwald, Angela Glajcar, Peter Krauskopf, Dirk Salz, Gallery Bluerider Art, Taipeh
FOR FREE*, curated by Daniel Man, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich
GABRIELE MÜNTER AND HER GUESTS*, Gabriele Münter, Wassily Kandinsky, Caro Jost, Museum Münter Haus, Murnau


SOLID FICTION*, Tim Freiwald, Caro Jost, Imi Knoebel, Marton Nemes, Cordy Ryman, Anselm Reyle, Karin Sander, Kunstverein Emsdetten
MIND SO FAST-BODY SO SLOW* curated by Lukas Troberg, Berlin Weekly, Berlin
FINAL TRACES, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils
CHARACTER-IMAGE ART*, Art Granary, Peking
ALGORITHM AND APPROPRIATION, Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei
GABRIELE MÜNTER AND HER GUESTS*, Museum Münter Haus, Murnau >>

Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, FINAL TRACES - installation view (wallcollage and Streetprints)
works by Gabriele Münter, Caro Jost


PRIVATE VIEW*, Adam  Colton, Alan Charlton, Callum Innes, Caro Jost, Dan Walsh…Gallery Slewe at Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam
WALK THE TALK, Galerie von Rettberg, Munich >>

Rettberg Galerie, Munich, WALK THE TALK - exhibition view
works by Günter Fruhtrunk, Gerold Miller, Caro Jost

THE ABSTRACT CABINET*, Katja Strunz, Gerold Miller, Caro Jost, et al., Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence, IT >>
WATER EVENT*, by Yoko Ono, Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig
FINAL TRACES, Dolby Laboratories by The Barnett Newman Foundation, New York
VIA STREETPRINTS: Dubai, Malmö, Dessau

BlueriderArt, Taipeh, A Road to RED, YELLOW and BLUE- exhibition view
Walter Storms Galerie: works by Dadamaino, Monica Bonvicini, Caro Jost


SIXTH SENSE*, Alice Aycock, Monica Bonvicini, Dadamaino, Karin Sander, et al., Walter Storms Galerie >>, Munich
A ROAD TO RED, YELLOW AND BLUE, BlueRiderArt Gallery, Taipei
GARB!*, temporär, Munich
FINAL TRACES, NYC Independant Film Festival, New York
VIA STREETPRINTS: Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen, Taipei

ART BERLIN: works by Caro Jost, Ulrich Erben
Walter Storms Galerie: INVOICE PAINTINGS by Caro Jost


INVOICE PAINTINGS, Walter Storms Galerie >>, Munich
VOLUME 3*, Britta von Rettberg Galerie >>, Munich

works by Caro Jost, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Mark Killian

JEAN-MARC BUSTAMANTE: FINIR EN BEAUTÉ*, Galerie der Künstler, Munich
Anthology Film Archive, New York
INVOICE PAINTINGS B.N., Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
CHALLERY, Novomatic Forum, Vienna

Slewe, Amsterdam, TRACES - exhibition view (with Stanislav Kolíbal)

TRACES, Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam
FINAL TRACES, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Desert
VIA STREETPRINTS: Bilbao, Luxembourg, Turin

401 Contemporary, Berlin


WHITE STREET, Gallery 401contemporary >>, Berlin
INVOICE PAINTINGS RUPPRECHT GEIGER*, Jahresgaben, Kunstverein, Munich
PANAMA PAPERWORKS, Notel/Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
VIA STREETPRINTS: Helsinki, Vienna, Munich

Walter Storms Galerie: CONCRETE JUNGLE, works by Caro Jost


CONCRETE JUNGLE*, Walter Storms Galerie, Munich
Summer Show and Benefit*, The Watermill Center, Water Mill, New York
FINAL TRACES, Museum fuer Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt
FINAL TRACES, American Documentary, Palm Springs, USA
VIA STREETPRINT: Amsterdam, Los Angeles

Museum Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, FINAL TRACES, installation view (wallcollage #2, Streetprints on canvas)s)


FINAL TRACES, NewFilmMakers Festival, New York
Summer Benefit*, The Watermill Center, Water Mill, New York
STREETPRINTS, Gallery 401contemporary, Berlin
CHUCKA CHUCKA*, Kunsthalle Memmingen
FINAL TRACES, Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin
ONE NIGHT AT SCHUMANN`S, Museum of the City of Munich
VIA STREETPRINTS: Oslo, Athens, Toronto, Havana

401contemporary,Berlin: STREETPRINTS
Gallery Oberbayern, IM SPIEGEL DER STÄDTE, installation view (wallcollage #1, Streetprints on canvas)


KONSTRUIERTES GRAU*, Josef Albers, Alan Charlton, James Howell, Caro Jost, Arnulf Letto, Gerold Miller, Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin
Jahresgaben*, Kunstverein, Munich
SALON DER GEGENWART*, Frank Gerritz, Caro Jost, Peter Krauskopf, Anselm Reyle, Jonas Weichsel, Bernd Zimmer, et al., Hamburg
IM SPIEGEL DER STÄDTE/crosstown reflections, Galerie Oberbayern, Munich
HIER*, Kunstverein, Würzburg
“Film im K20”, Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf
ARTISTS COMES FIRST*, Festival d´Art by Jean-Marc Bustamante, Toulouse


Jahresgaben*, Kunstverein, Munich
20STUCK*, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich
BLACK-WHITE*, Galerie Nero, Wiesbaden
VIA STREETPRINTS: Muscat, Kassel, Milano


STREET VIEWS, Residence, Munich
Jahresgaben*, Kunstverein, Munich
SprachRaumWelten*, DWS, Frankfurt
Artists of the Gallery, Alp Galleries, Frankfurt
VIA STREETPRINTS: Lisboa, Venice, Montauk, Paris


TENTH STREET, NEW YORK, Residence, Munich
Jahresgaben*, Kunstverein, Munich
Group Show, Alp Galleries, New York
VIA STREETPRINTS: Bayreuth, New York


STOP-OVER || CROSS-OVER, Residence, Munich
VIA STREETPRINTS: Madrid, Istanbul, Moskow


STREETPRINTS, Museum Vass, Veszprém-Hungary
STREETPRINTS, Galerie Nero, Wiesbaden
GROUPSHOW,Walter Bischoff Gallery, Berlin
Gallery artMbassy, Berlin
VIA STREETPRINTS: Prague, Hong Kong, Veszprém, Miami


STREETPRINTS, Galerie Florian Walch, Munich
OBSESSION DURCH TECHNIK, Gallery artMbassy, Berlin
DIE ÜBERQUERUNG, Gallery Haus Rhode – VW, Wolfsburg


Artists of the Gallery, Alp Galleries, New York
CARPE MOMENTUM*, Alp Galleries, Frankfurt

2005 + 2004

STREETPRINTS, Alp Galleries, New York


Shanghai Art Salon, Shanghai
Schloß Bellevue, Berlin
Group Show, Alp Galleries, New York
Artists of the Gallery, Gallery Schumann/Florian Walch, Munich


STREETPRINTS, Gallery Schumann/Florian Walch, Munich
New Works, ALP Galleries, New York
STREETPRINTS, Credit Suisse, Munich
Art Award, Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz, Munich


Art in the Box on Fifth Avenue, Goethe Institut, New York
STREETPRINTS, German American Chamber of Commerce, New York
Open Studio, 515 Greenwich Street, New York
STREETPRINTS, Alp Galleries, New York
Red School Benefit, I-20 Gallery*, New York
STREETPRINTS, American Institute of Contemporary German Culture, Washington

NEW WORKS, German American Chamber of Commerce, New York
Open Studio, Vandam Street, New York
KUNSTGESEHEN, Kunsthaus, Cologne
German Pavilion, EXPO 2000, Hannover

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